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Because Residents and Rocks Matter!

Adventure over-tourism has led to health, safety, and sustainability issues for our community. Many homes for tourists and not enough for our critical and essential workforce. We have increased air pollution from sitting traffic and ATV "fugitive dust" freed while destroying the eco-system of the National Forest. We have increased noise pollution from ATVs running at high decibels. There are too many visitors' vehicles parking on our streets. Permitting of resorts and pools for short-term rentals reducing our water resources. We seem to focus much of our budget on making life better for tourists rather than making life better for residents. 

Many issues are complicated by State laws backed by industry lobbies, taking away local control; Federal Land Management policies governing what is happening to the National Forest in which we live and a non-diversified economy with only tourism making our town’s long-term sustainability fragile. No amount of bed, sales or gas tax will bring back our resources, the high desert, or the riparian forest when they are gone. And then tourism is gone. 

Will Sedona still be here? 

Vote for Melissa Dunn!

Because Residents and Rocks Matter

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